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Vocational Evaluations

What Makes OAS Unique

The evaluations conducted by the experts at Occupational Assessment Services are unique. We not only review all of the medical records and other important documents and conduct a standardized diagnostic vocational interview but also actually test the injured person using the most “state of the art” techniques, including a computerized measurement of aptitudes and abilities. We are one of the few vocational rehabilitation companies experienced with testing the aptitudes and abilities of Spanish and other non-English speaking persons.

As part of the vocational evaluation, we include an assessment of the injured person’s ability to perform household activities. Occupational Assessment Services’ experts use a combination of a functional capacity assessment and a time-use diary method to objectively measure a disabled person’s ability to perform such household activities as child care, meal preparation, shopping, cleaning, and financial tasks. This evaluation is included at no additional cost in the Vocational Evaluation Report.

We also provide an estimate of the loss of earning capacity, which includes an assessment of average fringe benefits, at the conclusion of each Vocational and Earning Capacity Report.

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