Atlanta Vocational Expert

Occupational Assessment Services Inc specialize in documenting damages in catastrophic injury cases, during pre-trial and trial, for law firms across the country. OAS experts have over 35 years of experience in the courtroom and assessing damages in serious injury, matrimonial and employment cases. Your OAS expert who authors the Vocational Evaluation or Life Care Plan will testify in court if need be.

OAS believes that our responsibility as damage experts includes the effective presentation of clearly defined, documented opinions in court. Our goal as experts is to educate the court and jury, so that they understand the impact of the client’s injury on the ability to work, the ability to earn money, and the cost of his/her lifetime needs. OAS provides all presentation materials and any necessary demonstrative evidence to make the issues completely understandable in court.

Occupational Assessment Services Inc Atlanta vocational experts are used in a wide variety of cases. Our expertise can benefit Atlanta personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, workers’ compensation, matrimonial, age discrimination, and wrongful termination cases.

Many Atlanta attorneys do not know when they need the aid of an experienced Atlanta vocational expert or an Atlanta life care planner. The attorney must consider such questions as:

    • What are the consequences of the injuries on the client’s ability to function?
    • How will these injuries affect the client’s ability to work?
    • Will the client’s ability to earn money be affected?

The answers to these questions will determine the necessity of retaining an OAS vocational expert.

In personal injury cases, attorneys know that they have a “substantial” case if the obstacle of liability can be overcome and if there is sufficient coverage. However, few attorneys are understand how to fully document damages in an objective and meaningful way that justifies their demand to the defense or the insurance company.

The leading Atlanta life care planners at Occupational Assessment Services Inc have been used by attorneys to bridge the gap between medical evidence relating to the disability, economic damages and future loss for plaintiffs as well as for the defense.  Expertise in the areas of rehabilitation, employability, and earning capacity allow our Atlanta vocational evaluation expert to strengthen your case.  Atlanta medical and economic testimony experts can educate the court as to the impact a significant injury has on a person’s life, employability and earning capacity.

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