How to Document TDIU in Veteran’s Disability Cases

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There are more than 4 million individuals receiving Veteran’s Compensation benefits. Many of these individuals are severely disabled and are unable to work. Due to the complicated rules and regulations of the Veteran’s Administration, it is hard for a deserving Veteran to receive a 100% disability rating. In order to document the Total Disability Individual Unemployability (38 C.F. R. Sect 4.16), many attorneys are using Vocational Experts.

The OAS Vocational Experts assists the Veteran’s Disability Attorney to evaluate a Veteran’s inability to secure and follow a “substantially gainful occupation” by reason of a service-connected disability. The special Veteran’s Vocational Evaluation consists of four parts:

  1. A document review
  2. Diagnostic vocational interview (telephonically or via Skype)
  3. Vocational Aptitude testing (if necessary)
  4. Labor market research to determine the claimant’s Individual Un-employability.

The evaluation includes a transferability of skills analysis (TSA), DOT coding, skill level of claimant’s past relevant work, and local labor market research. A comprehensive Vocational Expert report written the language of the Veteran’s Administration can assist in documenting a Veteran’s Total Disability.

OAS is a Nationwide Vocational Expert service with offices in NJ, NY, FL, TX, GA, & CA. To see how the OAS Vocational Experts can assist you in documenting TDIU in your Veteran’s Disability cases consult or Call 800-292-1919 for professional qualifications, fee schedule, and a sample report.