OAS Helps Injured Wyoming Worker Secure $10 Million Verdict

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Earlier this year, a jury in Wyoming awarded a 51-year-old power plant supervisor from Rock Springs a $10 million verdict following a two-week trial. They determined negligence on the part of both hospital staff and his attending physician contributed to the emergency amputation of both his legs just four days after his release. A detailed article on his story appears here.

The Incident

Court documents state the plaintiff checked into the hospital with cramping and acute numbness in both legs affecting his ability to walk. The attending doctor determined his condition was chronic and discharged him with instructions to see his primary doctor. Days later, the plaintiff presented at another hospital with severe kidney failure. Physicians diagnosed him with ischemia, sepsis, and renal failure—resulting in the emergency amputation of both legs above the knee.

The Aftermath

During the plaintiff’s first hospital stay, a CT angiogram indicated an acute arterial blockage at the knee level. Documents indicate the attending physician diagnosed him with uncontrolled diabetes and peripheral vascular disease—without noting the vascular emergency. Evidence suggests nurses did not communicate the serious nature of his condition to counterparts at shift change—preventing them from intervening on his behalf. They also failed to share daily assessments—which could have prompted the doctor to re-evaluate.

OAS Assists in the Case

After his surgery, the plaintiff secured sedentary work as a classroom instructor, using a motorized or manual wheelchair for mobility. Ed Provder—founder and President of Occupational Assessment Services, Inc.—established the plaintiff’s pre-injury earning capacity at $112,354. He estimated the plaintiff would sustain a 20% loss of earning capacity in his new job—and established a lifetime loss-of-earnings of $404,460. The jury determined the hospital and physician were both at fault before returning a verdict of $10 million dollars—one of the largest in Wyoming history.

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