OAS, Inc. Helps Trucker Secure $3.38 Million Verdict

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A jury in Hillsborough County, Florida recently awarded a verdict of $3.38 million to a self-employed commercial truck driver who suffered career-ending injuries after a collision with a dump truck owned by a local commercial contractor. A detailed article on the verdict appears here.

The Incident

The driver—a 49-year-old self-employed commercial truck driver from Lutz, Florida—suffered multiple fractures to spine, leg, and face after an oncoming truck drifted into his lane on State Route 674 near County Road 579. He also suffered cuts to his face, mouth and lips in the incident.

The Aftermath

The driver’s injuries required intensive-care treatment, multiple surgeries, ongoing physical therapy, and supportive pain management—as well as mental health support. Since the accident, the man—who owned and operated his own trucking company—has been unable to work. He had lost his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) when he could no longer pass the physical examination. Facing mounting medical bills of over $520,000; the driver sued both the other driver and his employer in a civil action.

OAS, Inc. Assists in the Case

Ed Provder, founder and President of Occupational Assessment Services, Inc., evaluated the driver’s medical records and work history. In his evaluation, he concluded the driver was unable to perform any work—including sedentary work—on a regular or competitive basis.

Mr. Provder found Mr. Callahan unemployable for any job existing in the competitive labor market. Based in part on this assessment, the Hillsborough County jury rendered a verdict of $3.38 million dollars in the man’s favor.

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