Premises Liability Case – School Yard Shooting – PTSD – $5 Million Settlement

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Janice Jones was the lone survivor of a 2007 schoolyard shooting during which she witnessed the killing of three of her friends and her brother, resulting in severe psychiatric impairment.

Ms. Jones was a college sophomore on spring break at the time of the shootings. She was sexually assaulted, shot in the face, and slashed with a knife by gang members. The attack resulted in her sustaining a hearing loss, drooping of her face, and a psychiatric impairment which was diagnosed as PTSD.

Due to the trauma of the incident, Ms. Jones had missed one semester of college but was able to graduate with a degree in psychology. However, her severe emotional condition negatively affected her ability to be employed and a special part-time job was created for her with a beneficent employer.

Ms. Jones had been evaluated by a Vocational Expert who administered a battery of vocational tests. In addition, a board-certified psychiatrist evaluated Ms. Jones and completed a Residual Functional Capacity Form – Mental. At trial, the psychiatrist testified that Ms. Jones had a severe disability which negatively affected her ability concentrate, as well as resulted in a restriction in her ability to respond to supervision and customary work pressures and a severe restriction in her ability to meet production, quality, and attendance standards.

At trial, the Vocational Expert testified that due to Ms. Jones’ severe psychiatric disability, she would sustain a 50% diminution of earning capacity over her lifetime. In describing the trauma Ms. Jones sustained, the Vocational Expert noted that the psychiatric effects were due to a “horrific incident” and that it “was not as if she had tripped and fell and stubbed her toe.”

After the Vocational Expert’s testimony was completed, the case settled for $5,000,000.

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