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Activities of Daily Living Evaluations

An OAS Vocational Expert formulates an opinion as to the claimant’s ability to perform SGA with the administration’s guidelines.

For more than 35 years, OAS has been providing Vocational Expert reports for Social Security Disability claimants. Our methodology and our expert’s experience as an “impartial vocational expert” will assist you in documenting your client’s inability to perform SGA.

OAS Vocational Expert reports have been accepted in the Federal Courts in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and throughout the USA and Puerto Rico.

How would the use of a vocational expert and OAS aid me even though my claimant has received an “unfavorable” decision from the ALJ? After a decision has been rendered, the OAS Vocational Expert not only evaluates the claimant’s ability to be employed using the Social Security Disability guidelines but can perform a vocational analysis on the testimony of the government’s Vocational Expert.

Many times, the government’s VE testifies to the incorrect DOT number, which can affect a transferability of skills’ analysis. In addition, the VE may testify to that the claimant can perform a job, but an evaluation demonstrates that there are not a significant number of jobs in a geographical area that the claimant can perform.

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