The Importance of a Transferability Skills Analysis from a Vocational Expert in Personal Injury Cases

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When an employee suffers a personal injury the injured employee’s attorney must prove that the injuries are serious enough to have left the employee either less capable or incapable of performing his or her work, and that this change is directly attributable to the injury.

Medical testimony is critical to proving disability in personal injury cases.   This testimony provides a medical foundation for the loss of earning claim.  The testimony of a vocational expert can explain to the Court how the injured person’s  injury effects their ability to work.  One of the things considered by a Vocational Expert is whether the injured persons past employment has given them any skills which may be transferable to another profession. This done through a Transferability of Skills Analysis (TSA).

A Transferability of Skills Analysis from a vocational expert can outline for the Court a professional assessment of the kinds of tasks that an injured person may be able to perform in jobs that are either similar or related to the kinds of tasks that he or she could perform prior to the injury, and can also recommend new positions based on the employee’s current physical  capabilities and functional restrictions if necessary.

The Vocational Expert analyzes the injured person’s background, including their educational, vocational, medical, psychological, and social information.  A TSA may also include a detailed description of the injured person’s skills both before and after the injury, and these skills may be most effectively applied in the injured person’s current position or in a new position, as well as whether the injured person should learn new skills before returning to work.

Transferability of skills can literally determine whether an injured persons can continue working or not after an injury. This is what makes Transferability of Skills Analysis so important in personal injury cases. A TSA from a vocational expert provides the Court

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