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For over 47 years Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. (OAS) has been a leader in providing Vocational Expert and Life Care Planning Services to law firms nationwide. We work in conjunction with attorneys to evaluate the employability, earning capacity, and future long-term medical needs of severely injured persons.

OAS has served as experts on many multi-million dollar outcomes including a record-setting $102 million verdict in a NY catastrophic injury case. Through objective consulting, analysis and vocational testing, we specialize in assisting attorneys in documenting damages.

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Using Vocational Experts in Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits

September 20, 2021
vocational experts in traumatic brain injury
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a disruption of the brain’s ability to function normally due to an outside event. In 2017, more than one million patients were treated in emergency departments for a TBI.

Vocational Experts and Doctors Play Different Roles in Personal Injury Trials

September 13, 2021
vocational experts
Plaintiffs’ lawyers sometimes try to prove the loss of future earning capacity through the testimony of a treating physician. A recent decision from a federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania illustrates the risk

How Does Loss of Earning Capacity Differ from Loss of Future Earnings?

September 6, 2021
loss of earning capacity differs from loss of future earnings
Loss of future earnings and loss of earning capacity are very different measures of damages that result from a personal injury. Although both kinds of damages are caused by vocational impairment, they are based on