Accounting for DME in a Life Care Plan

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Many individuals suffering from spinal cord  injuries use Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to have a better quality of life.   DME can be costly, and many life care plans over or underestimate equipment replacement or maintenance. An experienced life care planning expert will not only accurately account for DME replacement and maintenance, but will also document the effects of using DME.

One potential effect of DME is weight gain. If an injured individual is confined to a wheelchair, he or she will likely be less physically active than before the brain injury. This may cause weight gain due to inactivity. Over time the weight gain may lead to the necessity of bracing, splints, new clothing, a new bed, or other equipment.  Some equipment may need replacement more often than anticipated. The life care plan of an individual with a spinal cord injury brain injury should consider all these possibilities.

An experienced life care planer will account for the DME needs replacement at scheduled intervals, but various issues may necessitate more frequent upkeep. Some equipment providers offer service plans for maintenance. This potential should also be addressed in the life care plan.

A life care planner can evaluate an individual’s potential for weight gain and equipment deterioration, and account for these in the plan. A life care planner can also evaluate equipment and equipment providers’ service plans for cost-effectiveness. An experienced planner will contact vendors in the patient’s area to compare costs and contracts before making recommendations to a client or putting any specific monetary figures in the life care plan.

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