Determining Loss of Earnings in the Loss of One Eye Case

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The loss of any body part is a traumatic experience for anyone. A vocational expert can assist the jury in illustrating how the loss of vision in one-eye can impact on the individual’s ability to work.

It may also render one either unable to work in a particular. For example, if a teacher loses an eye in an accident, that teacher may be able to continue working, although it may be difficult especially if they are in special education. A recent case employability evaluation of a special education teacher who lost one eye with resultant emotional limitations settled for $1.9 million dollars.

Another example of the impact of the loss of one eye on a person’s ability to perform their occupation is that of a truck driver who may no longer be able to safely perform his or her job on the road, due to the reduction of depth perception caused by the loss of an eye.

In these two examples, the loss of earnings due to the loss of one eye may be very different. The teacher may be able to continue to work and collect wages, while the truck driver may not. If the truck driver has no other transferable skills, he or she may be faced with the complete loss of any ability to earn money.

Another example was a 5-year-old girl who lost one eye in a retail store which resulted in a diminution of her school grades as well as psychological consequences. The case which was filed in the Federal District Court settled for  $3.5 million dollars.

Determining the loss of earnings as part of a personal injury case can be very difficult, requiring the due use of a vocational expert can prove to the effect of an individual who has sustained a loss of one-eye on the injured person’s ability to work and future earnings capability after the injury.

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