How a Life Care Plan Can Document Damages

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Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. (OAS) has recently published an informative video on how a Life Care Plan we prepared helped achieve a $25 million verdict in a medical malpractice case involving an infant deprived of oxygen at birth. The child’s injuries resulted in brain damage, cerebral palsy, and a respiratory deficiency. As a result, the child requires 24-hour nursing care and is dependent on a ventilator.

In this case, the life care plan we prepared detailed the many areas in which the life of a catastrophically injured person had been impacted—beginning with a thorough review of all medical, educational, and income records

YouTube video

To develop a plan for the patient’s future life care, we examined the following:

1. Standardized life care planning interview with the family
2. Extensive assessments of the home and living environments
3. Interviews with the treating physicians, therapists, and staff

Our plan detailed yearly costs—including home or facility care, projected future medical care, transportation, required home renovations and furnishings, therapy, medical equipment and prosthetics, medication, and potential complications.

OAS developed a Life Care Plan—objective documentation of the total cost of damages caused by catastrophic injury—which included a Vocational Evaluation to assesses the future employability and loss of earning capacity. It detailed the cost of every service required to maintain the catastrophically impaired person to their maximum physical, educational, and vocational level.

Reaching a Settlement

The life care plan developed by OAS ultimately made a huge positive impact on the recovery of this brain-damaged infant—motivating the self-insured hospital to tender a $3 million structured settlement to the child’s family.

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Vocational Expert/Life Care Plan reports from OAS can help you document damages in large personal injury cases. If your next catastrophic injury case requires an experienced life care planner or employability expert, call 800-292-1919. We’ll send a proposal containing the experts’ professional qualifications, our fee schedule, and a sample report.

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