Life Care Plans for Catastrophic Injury Cases

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The cost of future long term medical care makes up a significant part of the damages in medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases that have resulted in catastrophic injuries. Until recently, physicians, nurses, therapists, teachers and pharmacists would be brought in to testify as to the cost of maintaining a catastrophically injured plaintiff over their life expectancy. Now, this information is more effectively provided through the development of a life care plan rendered by a Certified Life care Planner. By obtaining a Rehabilitation Counselor Specialist to create a life care plan, a plaintiff can ensure he is fully documenting the damages in a catastrophic injury case.

What is a Life Care Plan

Cases involving catastrophic injuries include pediatric or adult plaintiffs who have sustained paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain damage, kidney damage, severe burns, sensory loss, severe seizure disorders, mental retardation or multiple amputations. In such cases, a life care plan provides detailed documentation about the actual cost of expected long term care, maximum vocational potential, and the cost of enhancing the plaintiff’s quality of life. It is an objective method of documenting the total cost of damages for a catastrophically injured person and paints a demonstrative picture for judges and juries.

Creating a Life Care Plan

The development of the life care plan begins with a comprehensive review of all medical records. Then, a home assessment is made along with an interview of the plaintiff and the family. During this evaluation, an assessment is made regarding the Plaintiff’s need for home care or professional nursing care, equipment, and supply evaluation is made by a certified rehabilitation counselor.  In addition, an evaluation is conducted regarding the plaintiff’s vocational and educational potential.

The Life Care Plan is presented in an easy-to-read chart that details the cost of each service in the local geographical area required to allow the catastrophically impaired individual to perform at his maximum physical, educational, and vocational level.

Occupational Assessment Services has over forty years of experience creating life care plans for individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries. OAS works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys to documents the plaintiff’s long term Life Care Plan needs. Contact us at 800-292-1919 to ensure of objectively fully documenting the damages in your medical malpractice, product liability, or personal injury case.