Motorcycle Injury Plaintiff Awarded $22,908,100 in Damages

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In an action involving an injured motorcyclist, a jury found the defendant entirely negligent and awarded the motorcyclist $22,908,100. This damage amount was made partially possible by the testimony of experienced vocational and life care planning experts, further evidencing how the right experts can complete the damages portion of a lawsuit.


The plaintff motorcyclist was 24 years old at the time of the accident, and 26 at trial. He alleged the defendant milk truck driver negligently failed to stop at a stop sign and hit the plaintiff.  The plaintiff sustained a severance of the spinal cord which caused permanent paraplegia from the waist down.


In regard to pain and suffering, the plaintiff’s neurologist testified that since the nerve roots remained viable, the plaintiff continues to suffer pain notwithstanding that he is a paraplegic. The physician also maintained that the plaintiff will permanently suffer significant pain and will permanently suffer bowel and bladder incontinence and the loss of sexual functioning.

To prove his future health care costs, the plaintiff had Edmond Provder, a rehabilitation counselor, vocational expert and life care planner, testify in regard to the assistance the plaintiff will require due to his injuries.  The plaintiff claimed he would require daily attendant care and extensive therapies, including physical and occupational therapy as well as psychotherapy, as well as specialized equipemnt, such as a van, medication, and medical monitoring.

Finally, the plaintiff alleged he suffered past and future lost wages as a result of the accident. A Mr. Provder testified to the fact that due to the plaintiff’s injuries he is permanently unemployable. In view of the severe pain and frequent bowel and bladder accidents, it would be very difficult for the plaintiff to work. The plaintiff also contended that he would suffer further damages due to his extensive long term medical needs as documented in the testified to Life Care Plan.


The jury’s award of $22,908,100 included:

·         $2,000,000 for past pain and suffering over the approximate 1 ½ year period since the accident occurred;

·         $12,000,000 for future pain and suffering over 47 years (the plaintiff’s life expectancy);

·         $35,100 for past lost wages;

·         $2,315,000 for future lost wages over a 39 year period;

·         $1,000,000 for physical, occupational, and psychotherapies;

·         $462,000 for future medical care;

·         $586,000 for specialized equipment and medications;

·         $4,330,000 for future cost of attendant care and housekeeping services; and

·         $180,000 for future social security losses over a nine-year period.


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