Non-English Speaking Social Security Disability Claimants

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An inability to speak English can significantly limit a Social Security Disability claimant’s ability to perform work in the United States. If the claimant also has a reduced physical capacity, a vocational evaluation is one of the few ways to accurately document the claimant’s inability to work. Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. (OAS) is capable of evaluating Spanish speaking claimants and provide vocational testing in Spanish and comparing their results to a Spanish population norm group. The use of an OAS vocational expert can ensure accurate evidence of what other suitable jobs the claimant can or cannot do.

One Social Security Disability case the vocational experts of OAS worked on concerned a 47-year-old Home Health Aide claimant who was illiterate in English. The claimant completed her education through the 8th grade in El Salvador.  She worked as a home health aide in the United States for twelve years, until she sustained a neck injury resulting in C4, C5, C6 herniated discs. This neck injury resulted in severe pain which limited her ability to sit, stand, walk, lift, and carry. Based on the vocational interview, record review, transferability of skills analysis, and vocational testing performed by an OAS vocational expert, it was determined that due to her severe pain and illiteracy in English, the claimant could not perform even sedentary type jobs.

If you require a vocational expert’s assistance in your Social Security Disability case or have any questions about vocational experts at disability hearings, contact Occupational Assessment Services. For over 40 years, we have served as experts for the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) and have evaluated claimants, assisting them in winning their disability cases. In addition, we have also worked for both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury, divorce, workers compensation, and wrongful termination cases. Call us at 800-292-1919 to discuss how we can help you prepare for your Social Security Disability case.