OAS Plays Critical Role in $3.69M Worker Settlement Case

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OAS recently provided a comprehensive Life Care Plan that helped render a $3.69 million dollar settlement for a worker injured on the job.

The Plaintiff was assisting with electrical repairs at a warehouse in South Plainfield on Feb. 20, 2014, when he was hit with an arc flash explosion. He suffered burns over 30 percent of his body, including his face and torso.

At the time of the accident, the Plaintiff said he was under instructions not to restrict access to the work area or turn off power to the panel because it would disrupt business.

To read the full article on the settlement, click here.

How an OAS Life Care Plan Helped

OAS helped develop a Life Care Plan, which is an important evaluation when an individual´s injuries are so severe that they will impact the person’s ability to perform day-to-day activities.

Our Life Care Plan helped map out the services that this particular Plaintiff would need along with the loss of earnings for the rest of his life.

Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. is a leader in Life Care Planning and Vocational Evaluations. We support attorneys in catastrophic injury cases. OAS has been instrumental in some of the largest verdicts in the United States, including Escobar vs. the State of New Jersey, which received a verdict of $166,000,000 and Verni vs. Armark which received a $105,000,000 verdict.

Without the use of an Occupational Assessment Services Life Care Planner and Vocational Expert services, these large verdicts may not have been achieved. Occupational Assessment Services Inc. is a nationwide Vocational Expert and Life Care Plan Expert service with offices in NY, NJ, CT, PA, GA, FL, TX, NV, CA & Video Conferencing.

If you have a catastrophic injury case and want an experienced life care planner and an experienced employability expert, call Ed Provder at Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. We are a nationwide vocational and life care plan expert service with offices across the country.

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