Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. Introduces Medical Billing Analysts, A New OAS Company

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Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. is excited to introduce a new company, Medical Billing Analysts. MBA performs medical bill review and audit services to establish Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) rates for all medical expenses incurred by the injured party. Through meticulous analysis of past medical charges, we will determine total amounts billed, total amounts paid, and reasonable value of care.

Medical Billing Analysts (MBA) can review your client’s medical bills using a three-step reimbursement method called UCR. An MBA expert Medical Biller will rigorously search for inconsistencies such as upcoding, unbundling, erroneous charges, and duplicate charges.

  • UsualThe Usual Fee. This is a fee typically charged by the provider of a service or item
  • CustomaryThe Customary Fee. This is a fee that providers of the same specialty or the same geographic area charge for a service or item. This falls within a price range in which other doctors in the area charge.
  • ReasonableThe Reasonable Fee. This is a fee that reflects the service deemed necessary under the current conditions.

You can now engage Medical Billing Analysts as a medical billing and reimbursement expert. We will analyze a client’s medical bills, determine the reasonable value of the medical services, provide comprehensive reporting, and expert testimony.

This will help to strengthen your client’s position and create documentation that is verified based on current, acceptable methodology. Whether you are plaintiff or defense, let MBA determine the “proper and acceptable” costs of medical care for your next case. The guidance of a medical billing expert is essential to understanding what is “fair and reasonable” in today’s complicated medical billing world.

Like Occupational Assessment Services, Inc (OAS), Medical Billing Analysts (MBA) provides comprehensive case evaluation, reporting and expert testimony services for plaintiff and defense, to meet your catastrophic injury case needs.

Ask us about our introductory rate and our discounted rate if bundled with a service from our parent company, Occupational Assessment Services.

For further information contact Jamie Anderson at 800-557-6141 or jamieanderson@oasinc.org