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A Vocational Expert (VE) is an “expert witness” called by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to testify at your disability appeal hearing. They know about job availability in the current labor market and the skills needed to perform certain jobs.

We specialize in trial preparation. OAS experts have over 15 years of experience and are trial-tested. The expert who authors the Vocational Evaluation or Life Care Plan will testify in court. OAS believes that our responsibility as damage experts includes the effective presentation of our opinions in court.

Our goal as vocational experts is to educate the jury so that they understand the impact of the client’s injury on the ability to work, the ability to earn money, and the cost of his/her lifetime needs. OAS provides all presentation materials to make the issues completely understandable to a jury.

Occupational Assessment Services expert witness provides customized charts to assist the jury in visually understanding our Vocational Expert or Life Care Planning Testimony. The OAS Vocational and Life Care Planning Experts’ testimony has been accepted by State and Federal Courts.

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