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Demonstrative Evidence

Occupational Assessment Services is unique among employability and life care planning experts in that they have developed and provide demonstrative evidence for trial. Unlike other similar experts, OAS experts illustrate their reports and testimony using demonstrative charts which assists the reader, the jury or the fact finder to comprehend the objective findings of the employability, earning capacity, or life care planning opinions.

Sample demonstrative evidence used to highlight the findings of OAS employability and earning capacity opinions can include a physical demand chart, vocational testing bar graph results, pre and post-injury earning capacity, and a post-injury job list with average earnings.

Such exhibits enable the OAS Experts to demonstrate to the fact finders the methods used in the evaluation and how their objective opinions were reached.

In cases of catastrophic injuries which require Life Care Plans, several types of demonstrative evidence may be used in reports or trial. These include the activity of daily living charts, comprehensive standard life care planning charts detailing the type of care and local cost of care for each life care plan item, cost summary chart detailing the total cost of the life care plan in a pie chart format, and a yearly calendar detailing the daily needs of the severely injured person.

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