The 4 Parts of a Vocational Evaluation

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The purpose of a vocational evaluation is to assess the current and future employability and wage-earning capacity of an individual. The results of the evaluation are used as evidence to help a judge or jury understand an individual’s working abilities as well as pre-injury and post-injury earning capacity. Such reports often include a presentation of a vocational plan outlining specific details as to how the person will return to the job market if they can. There are generally 4 parts to a vocational evaluation.

Step 1: Interview

The first part of a vocational evaluation is a diagnostic interview and a medical record review. In this interview, a vocational expert gathers pertinent information affecting the client’s employability. The questions are about work and life experiences, medical information, age, length of absence from the workforce, educational background, vocational and career goals or priorities, motivation, and current family and personal situation.

Step 2: Vocational Testing

The next part is vocational testing, which consists of standardized testing. There are a wide variety of vocational testing instruments used to assess employability. Whichever test is used will be determined by the individual’s particular situation. In general, these instruments are used to develop a work trait profile. The following areas are covered:

– Academic achievement

– Ability/aptitude

– Interest/personality

– Work values

– Skills assessment

– Dexterity/coordination

Step 3: Market Research

The third part of a vocation evaluation is usually the conducting of Labor Market Research to produce information as to earnings, qualifications, and training requirements for specific job titles within the applicable geographical area that the evaluee may be capable of performing,

Step 4: Integration

The final part of a vocational evaluation is the integration of all the information collected by the vocational expert. This includes expert observations, medical and psychological reports, Labor market research, test data, and diagnostic information.

Once all the information has been integrated, the expert conducting the vocational evaluation will formulate an opinion as to the disabled individual’s pre and post-injury employability and earning capacity and issue a comprehensive vocational report with vocational recommendations as to the next steps based on both immediate and long-term job and career objectives/goals.

Vocational Evaluations/Assessment Services

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