The Value of a Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability Cases

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According to the Council for Disability Awareness, claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) rose sharply in 2009. One reason for this may be the economic recession that began in 2007. A 2014 survey showed that in 2013, SSDI claims rose by only 1.3%, reflecting the slowest growth rate in a decade. In 2013, approximately 32 million Americans received SSDI benefits.

Although the trend of applying for SSDI benefits is slowing, applications continue, and applicants who may be denied SSDI benefits initially often choose to further pursue these benefits in court. The applicant’s attorney must make the case that the applicant is indeed disabled and unable to work. In order to strengthen this argument, a vocational expert may be brought in.

Vocational experts can help in Social Security Disability Insurance cases in a number of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Explaining the nature of your disability to an administrative law judge in legal terms;
  • Classifying your “relevant prior jobs” to determine whether you can still perform these jobs, or if you need additional training or rehabilitation to do so;
  • Answering any questions about “hypotheticals” asked by the administrative law judge as a means of determining how the vocational expert would expect you to be able to perform at work after the disability;
  • Testifying as to how others with similar disabilities can or cannot perform in the workplace.

A Vocational Evaluation report  by a vocational expert experienced in Social Security Disability can “make or break” your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance.

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