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Determine Long-Term Medical Needs

Long Term Care a range of medical services and supports you may need to provide assistance with the basic personal tasks of everyday life.
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The cost of future health care is often the largest component of economic damages in personal injury cases. Quantifying these damages for a jury requires a life care plan — a detailed analysis of the type, quantity, timing, and cost of the injured party’s current and future care needs. OAS has Certified Life Care Planners to prepare the life care plan and economic consultants to determine the discounted present value.

In preparing a life care plan for an injured party OAS works with physicians to determine the services, equipment and supplies an injured person will need for the remainder of his life to maximize his ability to function.

We carefully research the prices of all items included in the life care plan. OAS economists then apply specific medical inflation rates and consistent discount rates to determine the present value cost to fund the plan. All life care plans and reviews include extensive documentation to support the positions taken.

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