Using a Life Care Planner in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

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life care plan provides an organized, concise plan for the current and future needs of an injured plaintiff. They are especially necessary for demonstrating the damages of a plaintiff who has suffered a catastrophic injury or has chronic health care needs. In particular, they are instrumental in spinal cord injury cases.

Like most people, individuals with chronic health conditions or catastrophic injuries want to be able to plan for the future. To do so means they and their family members must understand and anticipate future needs such as wheelchair replacements, medical interventions, supplies and medications, and the associated cost. The life care plan provides an organized, easy to read a report that charts individual-specific future needs. Including the cost allows for the development of a financial plan that helps families or insurers budget for these needs.

Where a plaintiff has suffered a spinal cord injury, the need to account for future needs will constitute a great portion of a potential damages award. Because of the often debilitating results of spinal cord injuries, there are steep financial implications associated with necessary equipment, home renovations, and transportation.

Detailed yearly costs of these future needs are provided in a life care plan and cover the following areas:

–          home care or facility care

–          future medical care

–          transportation

–          architectural renovations

–          therapeutic evaluations

–          physical and occupational therapy

–          medical equipment and/or wheelchair needs

–          orthotics and/or prosthetics

–          home furnishings

–          leisure time and recreational equipment

–          drug and supply needs

–          the cost of potential medical complications

The life care planners at Occupational Assessment Services have over forty years of experience working with plaintiffs and defendants in spinal cord injury cases. Contact us at 800-292-1919 to help build the damages portion of your case.