Using a Vocational Expert in a Request for Modified Spousal or Child Support

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Increasingly, vocational experts are being used in divorce cases to help establish alimony and child support. Just as a vocational expert can be useful during the divorce proceeding, he can also be of assistance after the divorce is final. If one or both spouses are seeking a modification to a support award due to a change of circumstances, a vocational expert can be used to help.

In most states, a supporting party may request modification of support when there has been a material change in circumstances. A change in circumstances can include job loss, retirement, health issues, or the passing of reasonable period of time for the supported spouse to become self-supporting. A vocational expert can update an earlier employability assessment or to address a different specific income-related issue.

A vocational expert can testify regarding a spouse’s past education, past work experience, present training, and present job expectations. A court can then use this information to determine whether there have been changed circumstances affecting the spouse’s financial condition.

In one case, a former husband sought to modify the support he was giving his former wife. He wanted the award decreased because the wife had just obtained her legal degree and license. A court imputed income to her, effective right away. This opinion was reversed by an appellate court. A vocation expert was able to show that despite her increased education, she still needed a reasonable period of time to find legal employment before a support modification went into effect.  The court agreed, stating that after a reasonable period of time, the burden would shift to the former wife to show that she is unemployed or underemployed as a result of a number of factors unrelated to her own efforts to secure employment. If she was still unemployed at that point, a vocation expert would again be useful to present labor market research about the legal field and the difficulties in finding a legal job.

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