Using an Economist Instead of a Rehabilitation Expert

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There appears to be some confusion among attorneys with regard to the difference between a Rehabilitation Expert and an Economist. A Rehabilitation Expert has been trained to evaluate the needs of the Catastrophically Disabled person and to research the costs required to develop Life Care Plans. The Rehabilitation Expert will not only evaluate the Catastrophically Injured person’s ability to work, and earning capacity, but will detail the cost of the required care for each of their lifetime needs. A Rehabilitation Expert determines the client’s employability and documents the loss of earning capacity caused by the injury.

An Economist makes their report based on trends, numbers, and variables.  The Economist formulates his economic projections based on the costs developed in the Life Care Plan, made by the Rehabilitation Expert. The researched costs are provided in a detailed chart format that indicates not only the range of the costs of services or piece of equipment but the start and end date the services will be required. All the cost information contained in the Life Care Plan will be based on the disabled person’s locality.

The services provided by the Rehabilitation Expert/Life Care Planner and the Economist are complimentary, as the Rehabilitation Expert lays the foundation for the Economist. Once the Life Care Plan is completed, the Economist is then able to report on the total value of the economic losses caused by the injury, by calculating the lifetime Life Care Plan costs, and lost earnings, then bringing them up to present value. The bottom line figure is provided by the Economic Expert.

Using an Economist instead of, or without a Rehabilitation Expert/Life Care Planner may leave your case open to questions regarding employability and lifetime care needs. The validity of the Economist’s report is directly related to the accuracy of the underlying Life Care Plan and the vocational analysis.

If you have questions about a Life Care Plan for your catastrophically injured client call OAS at 800-292-1919 for a free case evaluation. Occupational Assessment Services has been preparing Life Care Plans and providing Vocational Evaluation Services since 1973.

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