Using Online Vocation Testing to Measure a Plaintiff’s Aptitude

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Vocational experts help attorneys and injured persons to present their case on damages by specifically demonstrating how an injury affects an individual’s ability to work and earn money. One part of the evidence a vocational expert presents is the results of vocational testing done on a client. Such assessments evaluate an individual’s current and future employability and wage-earning capacity. One part of this assessment is the vocational test battery.

Vocational testing is used to determine a plaintiff’s physical and mental abilities, skills, and aptitude.  With current technology, obtaining a vocational expert to conduct such testing has become easier than ever. Attorneys and their clients are also no longer constricted to experts based on geography, but rather have the option of finding the most qualified vocation expert for their case anywhere in the nation as aptitude and skill testing can be administered over the Internet.

The danger with online vocational testing is that it might lead attorneys and clients to think they can administer or take such a test without the use of a vocational expert. There are drawbacks to taking assessments without any professional guidance. For example, vocational testing is only one part of a vocational expert’s evaluation. Without the right preparation beforehand and appropriate interpretation of the results afterwards, individuals could be wasting time and money on invalid results. Furthermore, only standardized online assessments provide an accurate picture of an individual’s skills, interests, personality type, values and goals, needs, career beliefs and obstacles.

The use of a vocational expert is a critical part of proving a plaintiff’s damages in a case, and can be easier and more effective than you think. Occupational Assessment Services has been conducting vocational evaluations consisting of thorough vocational testing for over forty years. We work together with attorneys and disabled persons to perform on online vocational evaluations through Skype or telephone all over the nation.  In addition, we have conducted such evaluations in Europe, South America and Mexico. Contact us at 800-292-1919 to discuss how a vocational evaluation can objectively document the damages of your case.