Using Vocational Experts in Social Security Disability cases

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Social Security disability claimants are occasionally unnerved when a vocational expert is called to testify in regard to whether the claimant can perform the work they previously did. This is probably because a disability claim may be denied if the vocational expert testifies the claimant can perform their previous work, or names other jobs the claimant can perform. However, a claimant can be put at ease by hiring his own vocational expert. Furthermore, a disability attorney can ensure his claimant is best prepared by retaining their own vocational expert to evaluate the claimant before the hearing. A strong team of an experienced disability attorney and a vocational expert can do a lot to help a claimant win their disability claim.

The Social Security Administration allows claimants to bring in their own experts to testify at their hearing. If a claimant has their own vocational expert evaluate them, the vocational expert’s testimony can be used against that of the government’s vocational expert called by the Social Security Administrative Law Judge.

Claimants are notified prior to their hearing date whether a vocational expert will be present at the hearing. The name of the vocational expert will be provided. If the vocational expert scheduled to testify at the hearing has a reputation for being “anti-claimant,” it would behoove the claimant to hire their own vocational expert.  Experienced disability attorneys and vocational experts will be familiar with the reputation of the vocational experts that testify in your area.

If you require a vocational expert’s assistance in your Social Security case or have any questions about vocational experts at disability hearings, contact Occupational Assessment Services. For over 40 years, we have served as experts for the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) and have evaluated claimants, assisting them in winning their disability cases. Call us at 800-292-1919 to discuss how we can help you prepare for your Social Security Disability case.