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Vocational Evaluation for Divorce & Matrimonial Cases

Vocational Expert for Divorce

Do you know how much your skills are worth in the marketplace? The emotional impact of a divorce is often exacerbated by financial worries. A vocational expert’s opinion is invaluable during the divorce process to assess earning capacity and employability.

OAS is the foremost expert in the evaluation of spouses in matrimonial cases. We have served as a court-appointed and impartial vocational expert in such cases. We can evaluate an unemployed or underemployed spouse, as well as disabled spouses, to assess their employability and earning capacity.

The evaluation consists of a vocational diagnostic interview, work and transferability skills analysis, and depending on the circumstances, vocational testing. Once this information has been obtained, an opinion is formulated as to the individual’s ability to work and their earning capacity in the local labor market. In addition, at times a Labor Market Survey is conducted to document the availability of job openings in the spouse’s geographical area.

There are numerous types of evaluations that OAS can conduct for your Matrimonial and Divorce cases:
Unemployed Spouse

Many spouses have been out of the competitive labor market due to their responsibilities of child care. An evaluation can be made regarding their ability to use their previous education, skills, and past employment to return to the local labor market. The evaluation determines the spouse’s highest level of employability and future earning capacity in the local labor market given their past education, work history, skills, and vocational capacity. The judge will use this information to impute the spouse’s income.

Underemployed Spouse

Due to layoffs, downsizing or a poor economy, it’s not unusual for a spouse to be laid off from a job or to be working in a job which is not consistent with their past education and/or work experience. A vocational evaluation can assist in the determination of the person’s highest-earning capacity in the labor market.

Disabled Spouse

If a spouse states that their medical or psychological disability will prevent them from being employed, an employability evaluation can assess their vocational capacity and their ability to be competitively employed. This assessment consists of a review of the medical records, a vocational diagnostic interview, if determined, vocational testing, analysis of the spouse’s transferable skills, and research as to what the person can earn in the competitive labor market.

Change of Financial Circumstances or Post-Divorce Reopener

After a divorce has been settled, an assessment of a spouse may be made due to a loss of a job, a new career, injury, or relocation. An evaluation of the effects of these life changes on the spouse’s employability and earnings can be made based on a transferability skills analysis and local labor market research which will document the spouse’s new earning capacity.

Evaluation of Lifetime Medical Costs of a disabled child

The lifetime costs of a disabled child are sometimes calculated into the financial settlement in a divorce.

The OAS Rehabilitation Expert can evaluate the long-term medical costs of the child’s disability by researching the cost of the required medical services in the local area.

The development of a Life Care Plan can assist the court in adjudicating this complex issue.

Contact OAS at 1-800-292-1919 and hire us as your vocational evaluation expert for Divorce Case. We’ll assist you in determining the amount of earning capability in each case which assists in determining the alimony payments.

A written report by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who is experienced in matrimonial cases can assist in the settlement of the case.

OAS experts work closely with each divorce attorney to provide expert services that assist them in evaluating the ability of able-bodied and disabled spouses to work and earn money.

Call us at 800-292-1919 to see how we can assist you in documenting a spouse’s employability.

Vocational Evaluation Expert Divorce

Occupational Assessment Services has been performing vocational evaluations in matrimonial cases for over forty-four years.

Our work has led to a greater documentation of the earnings of underemployed, unemployed, and disabled spouses in the New York, New Jersey,Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and California, and also offer video conferencing.