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Vocational Evaluation for Social Security Disability Cases

OAS expert witnesses have the experience with disability hearings and knowledge of Social Security law to successfully represent you in your Social Security Disability appeal hearing.
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Vocational Expert for Social Security

Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. is one of the few companies to have been approved to serve as Vocational Experts for the Office of Hearings and Appeals of the Social Security Administration. Since 1977, we have participated in over 2000 hearings as Vocational Experts for the administration, as well as over 750 cases where we have worked for claimants seeking benefits.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the Social Security Administration regulations, listings, and vocational grids, we can evaluate your claimant as to their ability to perform a substantial gainful work activity. The vocational evaluation consists of a record review, vocational diagnostic interview, work, and transferable skills analysis, and when necessary, testing to make a determination of the claimant’s ability to perform a gainful work activity.

Our expert can assist you in documenting the effect of your claimant’s impairment on their ability to perform a substantial gainful work activity.

A Vocational Evaluation can be useful in establishing the claimant’s Social Security Disability claim in cases where a claimant:
  • Can no longer do their previous work.
  • Has a “non-exertional” impairment such as a hand injury.
  • Has a cervical or lumbar spine impairment.
  • Is under 45 years of age.
  • Is over 55 years of age.
  • Has a past work history of skilled work requiring a transferability of the skills evaluation.
  • Has a psychiatric impairment such as severe depression.
  • Is developmentally disabled with an IQ of under 70.
  • Is unable to sit or stand for extended periods of time.

Based on a record review, along with a completed standardized vocational form, and a transferability of skills analysis using Social Security Disability approved government resources,Occupational Assessment Service’s Vocational Expert can render an opinion in a report as to the effect of age, education, past work experience, and impairments on the claimant’s ability to perform a substantial gainful work activity.

Social Security Disability Assessment

A vocational evaluation report can be rendered on a nationwide basis using local, state, or federal government data.

No other expert has been involved in more cases and has been cited by the Federal District and Appeals court as to the use of a vocational evaluation is the type of evidence to be relied upon by the Federal Administrative Law Judge in determining disability of a claimant.