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Vocational Evaluation for Workers’ Compensation Cases

The expert witnesses in Worker’s Compensation at OAS give opinions, reports and testimony in litigation regarding Worker’s Compensation Insurance cases, including worker’s compensation insurance claims, compensation benefits, and employee protections.

Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. has served as Vocational Experts in the State of New Jersey under the odd-lot doctrine, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Connecticut and Maryland.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the various state Workers’ Compensation regulations, we can evaluate your claimant as to their ability to perform work in the local labor market, as well as make a determination as to the individual’s loss of earning capacity.

Vocational Evaluation Expert Workers Compensation

The vocational evaluation consists of a record review, vocational diagnostic interview, work and transferable skills analysis, and when necessary, testing to make a determination of the claimant’s ability to perform gainful work activity. As assessment of the local labor market wages is made based on local Bureau of Labor Market wage research.