What Is Included in a Vocational Expert’s Report for a Personal Injury Case?

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vocational expert’s evaluation of a plaintiff in a personal injury case can establish the plaintiff’s need for physical or vocational rehabilitation, as well as the plaintiff’s transferable skills, vocational aptitude, and any needed workplace accommodation.

Vocational experts compile the results of this evaluation with the labor market in a report, recommending the plaintiff’s potential employability and earning capacity. A vocational expert’s evaluation of an injured plaintiff will assess:

  • relevant personal data
  • medical treatment and medications associated with the injury
  • educational and employment history
  • specific skills and requirements based on work experience
  • current physical and mental capabilities (RFCE)
  • aptitude and skill testing
  • occupational interest
  • personality indicators

Personal Injury Vocational Expert

A vocational expert’s report will profile both the injured plaintiff’s employability and earning capacity before and after the accident that caused the injury. The two different vocational profiles will highlight functional limitations caused by the injury and proved with medical records, past and current earning capacity, potential disability status, potential length of employability, and life expectancy.

The vocational expert’s report will also discuss different employability options, if any, job market information, and recommendations for action, such as necessary training or continued education. The format of each report will be unique to each individual case. Likewise, based on the circumstance of a case and the length of a trial, a vocational expert may need to perform multiple evaluations.

Vocational Rehabilitation Expert

Edmond Provder, the owner of Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. (OAS), is a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. He has worked as a vocational expert witness for over forty years and has extensive experience documenting the effect of a Plaintiff’s injury on their ability to work and earn money.  Contact OAS at 800-292-1919 to discuss how we can help in your personal injury case.