Why a Life Care Plan is So Important for Spinal Injuries?

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Life Care Planning

For a person who suffers a severe spinal cord injury, the future can be full of uncertainty. They may be left wondering if they will ever be able to enjoy life again fully. They are also likely concerned about how they will meet their medical needs and provide for their family.

If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury, not knowing what to expect can leave you with more questions than answers. In this article, we discuss how a Life Care Plan can address your concerns by providing a guide for your treatment and rehabilitation.  

What is a Life Care Plan?

Life Care Planning is the process of evaluating an injured person’s needs immediately after the accident and throughout their lifetime. The Life Care Plan is the written report generated from this assessment. These plans are thorough evaluations of the victim’s injuries, the medical care necessary to treat those injuries, and any accommodations the injured person may need to live their life as fully as possible. A Life Care Plan is an excellent way to comprehensively present the injured person’s present and future medical expenses and all other costs associated with the accident.

For a person who has sustained a severe spinal cord injury, life care planning can be the difference between maximum recovery and needless suffering due to physical and emotional limitations. The goals of a Life Care Plan include:

1. Reducing the injured person’s pain;
2. Restoring them to maximum physical and emotional functioning
3. Preventing future medical and emotional complications; and
4. Helping them achieve the highest quality of life based on their unique circumstances.

A well-crafted Life Care Plan is an invaluable tool in a personal injury claim.

Why is Life Care Planning Essential in a Spinal Cord Injury Case?

Planning for their future is often one of the most difficult challenges a spinal cord injury victim faces in their recovery. Like any other person, they want to be able to meet their needs, take care of their family, and enjoy their life despite any limitations.

To help achieve these goals, the injured person and their loved ones must be aware of the care they need, both present and future, and the associated costs. The Life Care Plan provides a detailed summary of those costs and a financial roadmap to address them. Comprehensive life care planning enables families to budget for these costs and ensures that the injured person is well-cared for. 

Additionally, when the accident that led to the victim’s injuries results in a lawsuit, the victim’s attorney must account for their client’s physical and emotional damages within the personal injury lawsuit. It is essential to carefully document these expenses due to the significant costs associated with them. A Life Care Plan is especially useful for demonstrating the extensive damages caused by a debilitating spinal cord injury.

What Costs Can Be Included in a Life Care Plan?

A spinal cord injury victim will likely have considerable expenses following the accident. Some of these include: 

1. Emergency room treatment
2. Present and future medical care
3. Medication
4. Physical and occupational therapy
5. Orthotics and prosthetics
6. Inpatient or home health care
7. Mental health counseling
8. Medical equipment
9. Vehicle modifications
10. Home or workplace renovations

A detailed Life Care Plan includes the annual costs of these needs based on the injured person’s life expectancy. 

Skilled Life care planners consider many variables when creating a plan to meet these expenses, including the victim’s age and comprehensive medical history. Life care planning can also address the likelihood of future health complications for the victim considering the severity of the spinal cord injury.

How a Life care planner Can Assist in a Personal Injury Claim

Catastrophic spinal cord injuries can impact every aspect of a person’s life. Life care planning is an accepted method of documenting the challenges the injured party faces throughout their recovery. A life care planner can assess the financial impact of the victim’s injuries on their professional and personal life. 

In additional to bodily damages, spinal cord injuries often involve cognitive and emotional harm, as well. A skilled Life care planner utilizes the expertise of medical professionals, economists, actuaries, and other financial experts to address every aspect of the injured party’s care and treatment, including the associated costs.  

Due to their extensive training and experience, reputable Life care planners anticipate and can answer the questions the injured individual and their family are likely to ask. They are well-versed in the personal injury litigation process, including mediation, formal settlement conferences, depositions, and testifying in court. A seasoned life care planner is an effective communicator and a valuable asset to an injured party and their attorney.

As a lawyer preparing to present your client’s claim to an insurance adjuster or in court, you can utilize the services of an experienced life care planner to assist you. They can help you prepare compelling testimony and exhibits that establish the extent and severity of your client’s spinal cord damage. This expert can also educate the insurance company or jury on the impact of those injuries on your client’s day-to-day activities.

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