Employability Evaluation for a Veteran’s Disability Claim

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For a veteran to obtain Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits, he has to prove a service-connected disability and show that his unemployment is a result of the service-connected disability. A vocational expert can link medical evidence of a disability to unemployability through vocational evaluations. The vocational evaluation the expert will perform to assess the veteran’s unemployability consists of a four-part procedure.

1. Document Review

The first thing a vocational expert will do in his evaluation is a thorough document review. The expert will examine the veteran’s hospital and physician records, Residential Functional Capacity Evaluation, and pertinent Veterans Benefits Administration forms.

2. Standardized Diagnostic Vocational Interview

Next, the vocational expert will interview the veteran to determine his age, education, current work status, past work experience, skills, medical impairment, treatments, and medical limitations. This can be done in person, telephonically, or via Skype.

3.  Vocational Testing

The third step is vocational testing, which consists of computerized measurement of aptitudes, academic skills, achievement levels, coordination, and dexterity. Abilities in speaking English or Spanish will also be assessed as it relates to employability.

4.  Labor Market Research

Finally, the vocational expert will conduct labor market research. Private, local, state, and federal government labor markets will be examined to determine if any significant number of jobs exist that the veteran claimant can perform in the local and national labor market.

The results of the vocational evaluation will enable the vocational expert to render an opinion as to the employability of the permanently injured veteran and his ability to perform substantial gainful work activity based on quantifiable, accurate, and current information using Veteran’s Disability standards.

Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. works closely with attorneys to assist them in assessing the employability of claimants involved in Veteran’s Disability Cases.   For further information, contact us at 800-292-1919.