How a Vocational Expert Helped Achieve a $1.5 Million Personal Injury Award

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In 2005, a motorcyclist was injured in a crash with a New Jersey State Trooper. The motorcyclist plaintiff alleged that the Trooper was negligent in crossing an intersection and darted out in front of him, resulting in the plaintiff broad-siding the troop car. The plaintiff was seriously injured and hospitalized for three weeks. He suffered non-displaced fractures of the ribs and pelvis and his spleen was removed.

The motorcyclist sued the State of New Jersey, which paid $1.5 million to the motorcyclist.

The $1.5 million was the agreed settlement amount achieved in 2008, after three days of trial. During trial, the main dispute was the validity and ongoing effects of the plaintiff’s post-concussive syndrome and his ability to be employed. The plaintiff alleged that despite his efforts, he could no longer run his waste removal company. He lost and continued to lose substantial personal income as a result. The defendant, on the other hand, argued that the lingering effects of the brain injury had been overstated and the still maintained the ability to work.

Plaintiff called before-and-after witnesses who testified about the change in his personality and his ineffectiveness and inability to work. A vocational expert corroborated the lay witness testimony. The plaintiff did not have to testify because the case was settled before he had a chance.

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