Video Conferencing for Employability & Life Care Plan Evaluations in Personal Injury Cases

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There are about 300 Certified Vocational Experts and about the same number of Certified Life Care Planners in the United States who perform Personal Injury evaluations. The paucity of vocational experts translates to about six Vocational or Life Care Planning experts per state, with few in rural areas.

Prior to the Internet, if an attorney wanted to retain an out of state Vocational Expert or Life Care Planner, they would not only incur the expert’s fee but a fee for travel expenses and travel time. However, with the popularity of video conferencing, the Vocational and/or Life Care Plan evaluation can be performed from the comfort of the Plaintiff’s home.

There are five main reasons Video Conferencing Evaluations have become increasingly popular:

1. It saves time. The evaluation can be quickly scheduled to meet any discovery deadlines.
2. It saves money. There are no travel expenses or travel time costs. This allows the attorney to retain the best expert available, no matter where they are located.
3. Many Plaintiffs are very anxious about meeting experts. The fact that the evaluation can be conducted from a more familiar environment in their home or at their attorney’s office decreases their anxiety. This allows the expert to obtain a thorough evaluation while the Plaintiff is more at ease.
4. Personal Injury cases occur throughout the United States. Many persons reside in rural and/or remote locations where there may not be a Vocational Expert or Life Care Planner. Video conferencing allows injured parties to be evaluated despite residing in non-urban environments.
5. Privacy during the evaluation is assured. The evaluation can be performed from the comfort of the Plaintiff’s home.

OAS has been conducting Video Conferencing Evaluations for the past five years with the same results as their in-person evaluations of the Plaintiffs. In addition, the OAS Vocational Experts have been able to use internet-based Computerized Aptitude Testing normed against the U.S. Government’s Aptitude Tests to supplement their vocational evaluation findings.

OAS is a Nationwide Life Care Planning/Vocational Expert company with offices in NJ, NY, PA, FL, TX, CT, and CA. To see how the OAS Life Care Planners/Vocational Experts can assist you in documenting the damages in your Personal Injury cases, call 800-292-1919 to arrange for complimentary case consultation and to receive our proposal containing the experts’ professional qualifications, fee schedule, and a sample life care plan report, or consult for further information.